Executive Summary

One of the core values of the Society focuses on sharing knowledge and learning across the industry. Another relates to networking and collaboration. To this end, the PM Society has always been at the forefront of organising industry educational events. The success of the recent series of “Digital Works” events showcases this well.

Many partners, both agencies and industry organisations have approached us to work together on events. To date, we have not done this very often and only in an ad hoc manner. However the PM Society is committed to helping our member companies produce successful and high quality events. We have therefore put in place a process to help inform the organisation of such PM Society “sponsored” events.



If a partner agency/company wishes to collaborate with the PM Society on a particular industry event, we are more than happy to do so, if the event meets a number of criteria:

  1. The event is jointly badged
  2. The event is of educational value to the industry (and not simply a promotional tool for an agency or company)
  3. There is revenue associated with the event based on the activities the Society undertakes, such as: badging the event, logistics, invitations, promotion to Society database.
  4. The partner agency is committed to the event’s success.



This document serves as an introduction to this initiative only, but if this is something you would like to discuss, please email Rachel Farrow or Carwyn Jones for more information. We can then work out the details of our partnership.