Committee members present:

Vivien Bennett (PM Society)
Ram Patel (brainsell)
Craig Bradley (Shire)
Calum Shaw (sanofi)
Hassan Chaudhury (Health iQ)
Hesho Shewels (Big Pink)
Jonathan Dancer (redbow consulting)
Ruth Slater (Consultant)
Chris Edmonds (emotive)
Simon Walker (Consultant)
Simon Fogg (AbbVie)
Colin Williams (PharmiWeb)
Adam Jeffrey (pharmaphorum)
Phil Wright (Daiichi Sankyo)
Carwyn Jones (PM Society chairman)
Deborah Wyatt (talk health partnership)


1. Digital Awards Feedback

CJ reported on a very successful event which took place in April with 415 guests in attendance. 97% rated the event ‘as good as’ or ‘better than’ the previous ones and 90% scored the Brewery as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. Over 90% said they benefited from having fun/being entertained and over 80% said they benefited from networking opportunities with over 50% saying they benefited from educational value.

Those who attended the Digital Works III meeting during the afternoon rated the event as ‘good’ or better and appreciated the high levels of educational content of the event. It was also noted that there was a higher level of pharma in attendance than at previous Digital Works meetings.


  • Consider whether it would be appropriate to increase the level of the educational element at the event.

  • Ensure additional PR/marketing around the methodology of judging, the panel judging day and announcing finalists.

  • Consider moving next year’s date from 21 June as noted that Cannes Lions traditionally takes place during the third week of June.

  • A short survey will be issued to agencies later in the year to ensure that the awards reflect the type of work currently being produced.

  • The first steering group meeting for next year’s event will take place in September/October and anyone wishing to get involved should contact either or


2. Patient Engagement Interest Group

RS reminded members that the aim of the group is to collate current best practices and support improved engagement and partnerships with patients and their representatives across the industry. Following on from discussions which commenced last year the group had agreed on two work streams – the recipients of PE and Best Practice – and these will converge at the end of the year.

The team is currently working on gathering examples of best practice and to that end will be engaging with individuals over the next two months.


  • Issue letter to pharma to engage with individuals who would be willing to help with the best practice sharing initiative

  • Reach out to patient groups, charities etc to gain their perspectives

  • Combine outcomes to form the basis of a workshop - a ‘How to’ guide – to take place at the end of the year.

RS requested that anyone who would like to help with gathering relevant information, or suggest names of people who could help, to contact her (


3. PriMe

JD commented that PriMe had been running for 12 years with approximately 120 delegates a year attending across all courses. There are core marketing courses, two ABPI courses and two launch excellence courses. In addition, two new courses were being developed, both addressing agency/client relationships with one being directed at agencies and the other at pharma personnel who manage agencies.

In-house courses are also proving popular as they can be tailored to companies’ individual needs.


  • JD requested help from the committee to increase awareness of the courses via promotion to colleagues and providing names of any learning/development teams we could contact.

  • Suggested that webcasting part of the courses could give delegates a ‘flavour’ of the course and encourage bookings.

  • JD to look at introducing PriMe accreditation points.

  • Suggested that the biogs of all trainers appear next to each course on the website.


4. Market Access Interest Group Update

SF advised that CB was keen to re-start the group’s activities in order to commence generating content which could form the basis for a future event focusing on market access.

At the first meeting it became clear that as this was such a wide area there were a number of challenges to consider, including; slow implementation of drugs; price reimbursement; educating payer and clinicians, navigating through real world evidence data.


  • Issue a survey to people working in market access to establish what issues need most attention.

  • Committee members to help where possible in sharing thoughts on challenges and key successes.

  • Next meeting of the group will take place on Monday, 18 July from 3-5 pm at the offices of the ABPI. Anyone interested in attending to contact Craig - or


5. PM Society Awards 2016

A new awards team will need to be in place by mid 2017 to focus on the 2017 awards taking place in January 2018 (with help from Neil and Viv)


  • Need to appoint a ‘deputy’ to work with Neil Smith this year or, if not one person, then two-three people to take on one aspect of the organisation. Anyone interested in becoming involved to contact


6. Break Out Sessions

a) Content Strategy – to consider the Society’s content strategy, what should the Society be doing? Why and How?

The group noted that the Society is already in the process of improving its PR and social media strategy and considered that a content strategy is essential in order to complement this and raise the profile of the Society.

They believed that some content should come out of the interest groups but that the Society needs to also look at other channels such as journals.

They agreed that a blog a month of 5-600 words should be achievable from eg individual committee members, digital breakfasts, PriMe trainers.


b) Individual’s involvement – to consider how we get more from agencies/pharma if possible (exec, committee, advocates)

The group believed that the Society needs to consider in detail what exactly it requires – is it additional people on the Committee or a deeper involvement from those already involved?

They felt that people needed more information on what was required of them so they knew the time they had to commit and could be realistic about their involvement.

Agreed that they needed to know what the value exchange was as becoming involved has to be valuable to the individual or the individual’s company.

 CJ advised that he will be issuing letters to Committee members regarding their role as advocates for the Society.


c) PM Society ethos – is the Society’s mission of recognising excellence, networking, learning & development fit for purpose in 2016-2020?

In discussing whether the Society’s mission is still relevant, the group considered the following:

  • The Society should be promoting excellence rather than recognising it

  • Value in all activities is vital and the Society should be seen to be pushing the boundaries and driving change

  • Consider a name change to something broader than ‘marketing’ which perhaps devalues the Society - should be seen to be creating value

  • Do individual members consider themselves members of a Society? Is ‘Society’ the right name?

  • Consider including an international focus


7. Any Other Business

Members were not in favour of reinstating the evening educational meetings held at pharma companies which the Society ran a few years ago as they didn’t believe they would be well attended due to time and travel required to attend.


8. Date of Next Meeting

Meetings for the remainder of the year – both from 3-5 pm at the offices of the ABPI:

Wednesday, 14 September

Thursday, 8 December