Deborah Wyatt
Craig Bradley
Shire Pharmaceuticals
September 2017

The needs of the pharmaceutical industry are constantly changing, facing up to the challenges of an evolving environmental landscape in the UK including access and reimbursement challenges, regulatory hurdles, customer financial pressures, technology and the growth of patient centricity. At the heart of the industry remains the need to develop and communicate a medicine’s value proposition to all relevant stakeholders from macro to micro level in order to ensure that our true customer, the patient, receives the greatest benefit. How this is achieved, however, is always evolving!

At the PM Society we have set ourselves an ambitious 2020 vision to ensure that the Society continues to be relevant to its members and the industry it represents as it evolves. Having already served the pharmaceutical industry, its related service agencies and everything in between for over 40 years our plan will see the Society continue to develop and improve in order to keep meeting the needs of our members in the ever changing industry landscape. At the core of the 2020 vision are the trio of points that encompass the PM Society’s purpose:

•     Supporting organisations and people working in healthcare

•     Recognising excellence and promoting best practice

•     Providing education and development

At the heart of the PM Society are three specific interest groups covering Digital, Market Access and Patient Engagement. These three active groups are aligned to the current challenges and issues facing the pharmaceutical industry today. Through the Digital Interest Group, annual Digital Awards and the educational Digital Works events, the PM Society has been driving standards in digital pharmaceutical marketing in its broadest sense for nearly a decade. The Digital Interest Group is committed to highlighting excellence in all the relevant areas and helping PM Society members to improve digital competency.  Alongside this the Patient Engagement Interest Group seeks to explore and support initiatives to improve the way in which we involve patients in the decisions, strategies and policies that shape their healthcare. With patient centricity being a major focus for the industry this group is invaluable for anyone wishing to be involved in sharing best practice initiatives and success stories relating to patient engagement. Completing the current crop of Interest Groups is the Market Access Interest Group. This group will continue to address the growing need for multiple stakeholders to understand their role in ‘market access’. Our discussions are likely to be as diverse as the pharma/life sciences industries-patient dialogue, evidence requirements in the context of payer needs such as real world evidence generation, the role of market access professionals in engaging with the NHS from top to bottom, and the complexities of gaining access and reimbursement for new treatments. We will continue to introduce new Interest Groups that are relevant to today’s industry environment – next on the horizon is an Interest Group focused on Pharma-Agency relations and procurement.

Alongside the Interest Groups we will continue to run our established training programme PriMe. PriMe has been running for over 10 years, and the programme is constantly expanding and evolving to reflect the latest industry trends. Aimed at both pharma and agency personnel at all levels and run by experts in their fields, the programme ranges from ‘Pharmaceutical Marketing for non-Marketers’ to ‘Mastering Launch Excellence’. This year we’ve added specific Market Access courses to reflect the demands of the industry. PriMe can also be tailored to create a bespoke workshop covering specific challenges or training needs – get in touch to discuss further. There is a PriMe course for you whatever you need to focus on to ensure your personal development and skills keep pace with the ever-changing environment!

In addition to the Interest Groups and PriMe the PM Society will continue to grow our two highly regarded Award schemes – the PM Society Awards and the Digital Awards where we recognize excellence and promote best practice across the industry. Both sets of awards are constantly being updated and improved to reflect the latest industry trends, with the PM Society Awards being the largest annual event in the UK industry calendar and the Digital Awards being the only dedicated digital focused Awards scheme in the healthcare arena. Judging is undertaken by expert members of the industry and its customers – make sure you enter to be recognized as industry leading by your peers!

As a not for profit organization we’re run mainly by volunteers from the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors who bring ‘frontline’ expertise to bear on its activities and events, along with a core team based at the Horsham office, which provides project support and strategic oversight across the different PM Society work streams. We rely on input from members across both the industry and agency sides and there are varying ways in which you can get involved – from being an Advocate for the PM Society in your company and sharing information around events, awards and training to actively joining an Interest Group to work on specific area projects, or joining the PM Society Committee to shape its future direction. Please get in touch if you’d like to get involved!

I’m sure you’ll agree that the 2020 Vision will see the PM Society continue to grow and improve way beyond its current 40 years. As a Brand Manager at a pharmaceutical company myself I feel  we are well placed to help increase the relevance of the Society for both today’s pharma professionals and industry colleagues. Get involved in the journey by joining the PM Society!”

For more information on any of our activities or events see our website or email the office.