Part 1: What is Closed Loop Marketing?

Go digital

Begin moving the marketing and sales materials from paper to digital. This won’t give any large benefit to your customers, but it will make it easier for the company and cheaper to update and distribute the marketing material. As paper is a push media, simply putting PDFs on an iPad is also push media. But it starts you off in the right direction.

Choose your strategy

Start capturing, on an individual level, what’s important and relevant for a customer. Decide what you want to track, why you want to track it and choose a technology solution that allows you to track it properly.
Martyn Glanville, Key Account Manager at Agnitio, advises: “the first step could be to deploy some software that, even if it doesn’t have all the details of the doctor you’re talking to, records the details of what was shown. If you have 500 sales reps out there using the software, you can start looking at the collected information to learn some basic things. Perhaps there’s a huge interest in the price but no interest in the mode of action, for example. 
“Once you see the value of that initial data, you can look at how to make it even richer – so your next move might be to start tracking the quantitative data against the qualitative data. What are the doctors saying? Now trends might begin to emerge.” These trends can be used to develop your future strategy and sales calls. 

Make the connections 

Start to put the information together, linking your customer database to the data that you’ve gathered. “Once this in place you can really start to be individual, relevant, and co-create an experience because you’re now capturing information about a specific doctor,” says Martyn. 
Connecting the data to the results is the trickiest aspect of CLM, but the most valuable. “If you know that your doctor’s interested in green hair then next time you go to see him you make sure your content has some focus on green hair. He or she will be interested in talking to you because you’ve actually listened and you get the confidence that you’re returning with something of value.”

Deliver the right content in the right context

By asking individuals how they prefer to receive your content, you can optimize the channels for delivery – and so provide what the customer wants in the format that best suits them.  Martyn adds, “Consider eDetails across multiple channels. What begins on an iPad at 2pm on a Thursday afternoon with a doctor and a sales rep, may finish on the Sunday night with the doctor on his own on his laptop because the content can be moved around to different places.”