Speaking at the live PM Society Digital Breakfast online, which attracted a record-breaking audience of 303, Heather Simmonds, Director of the PMCPA asked industry for its detailed input on frustrations about the Code of Practice, particularly as it relates to digital.  

"What would really help us are more specific examples of what people want to do, that currently they think they can’t," Simmonds explained.
Simmonds was keen to highlight the fact that the PMCPA wants to engage with the pharmaceutical industry and supporting agencies. She also noted that it isn’t generally the 'digitalness' of a communication channel that causes the problem, but rather what is being said.
Other issues covered in the one hour interview included advice on whether or not companies should adjust inaccurate Wikipedia entries, how information can be given to patients on a pharma website, whether apps should be considered medical devices, and pharma company responsibility when sponsoring discussion on a patient forum.
Simmonds summed up by saying: "The Code is all about setting standards for how the industry interacts with stakeholders. You can call for informal advice and you don’t need to give a name! One of our roles is to provide informal guidance."
The Digital Breakfast with Heather Simmonds took place on 28 February and can be viewed below:
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Heather Simmonds is a director of the PMCPA and Chairs the Code of Practice Panel. She has been working full time on the Code since 1989. The PMCPA remit is to administer the Code including the provision of informal  advice and guidance as well as training.  There is much information on the PMCPA website www.pmcpa.org.uk
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