The Accelerated Access Review (AAR), an independently chaired report supported by the Wellcome Trust, was asked to make recommendations to the Government on how to accelerate access for NHS patients to innovative medicines, medical technologies, diagnostics and digital products. The AAR was conceived by the government with the intention of making the UK "the fastest place in the world for the design, development and widespread adoption of medical innovations and stimulate new investment, jobs and economic growth to support the NHS". Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary, said he was “determined to help the UK become the best place in the world to produce new drugs and products” and that the move could benefit patients and be done without cutting assessment standards.


The Final Report makes 18 principal recommendations whilst attempting to develop a pathway for the NHS to improve uptake of innovative practices and also drive cost-saving efficiencies. One of the recommendations is the creation of an Accelerated Access Partnership, proposed to link NHS England, NHS Improvement, NICE and the MHRA, in order to help make more efficient the process for getting the most promising new treatments and diagnostics safely from preclinical development to patients.

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