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The PM Society Market Access Interest Group met by telecon on 19 May 2016, led by Craig Bradley from Shire. Attendees included Simon Fogg from AbbVie, Gavin Coetzee and Hassan Chaudhury from Health iQ, Kevin Blakemore from Bright Blue Box Consultancy, Trishal Boodhna from emotive and Clare Foy from IMS Health.

The group discussed the fact that Market Access is such a wide area there is need to focus on specific topics for this year that the PM Society can get involved in. Simon Fogg offered initial thoughts that “access” and “innovation” were two areas that could be looked at. Another idea was “helping educate payers” to help them understand that companies often face a financial ‘double whammy’ when they have to pay the “clawback” within the PPRS and then possibly face a patient access scheme cost reduction. Kevin Blakemore added that the whole process has been further complicated by devolved nation status and four different processes for companies to go through. He felt that ‘generating real world data’ was an important area to discuss and this was echoed by Hassan who felt that the discussion often revolved around price rather than the more meaningful narrative of value and outcomes. Clearly the ideal scenario is for industry and the NHS to work together in a transparent fashion producing a business case which works for both parties and involves risk share.

There was a discussion about developing a Market Access Academy providing training for all areas within the field e.g. health economics, real world evidence. Another larger objective was to further the aim of helping Market Access as a discipline become integrated into the Marketing function more rather than being viewed as a standalone activity. A final thought was to get a Market Access needs analysis survey run to establish what issues need most attention.

Next steps

The next meeting of the group will take place on Monday, 18 July from 3-5 pm at the offices of the ABPI, Victoria, London.

Contact or if you’d like to get involved.

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