Affiliated Pharmaceutical Marketing Workshop

Mastering Launch Excellence


Over the last few years the EMA and FDA have approved a record level of new medicines. At the same time healthcare changes and a more cost-constrained environment mean that launching a new medicine is getting tougher. Launch excellence is something that can make the difference between success and usage restriction. The skills, processes and understanding that drive launch excellence are a highly sought after combination to maximise the investment made by healthcare companies and to enable the right patients to benefit from the medicines of today.

This PriMe–affiliated workshop is specifically designed for healthcare executives from Pharma & Biotech companies who want to learn more about the process & principles of executing a successful launch.

Delivered by experts in launch excellence, and using real-world case studies and experience, this workshop will help give you a practical, hands-on understanding of the concept of launch excellence and the application of expert processes, giving you the confidence to go forward and launch your brand successfully.


Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for healthcare executives from Pharma & Biotech companies who:

  • want to learn the principles and process of launching a brand successfully so that they can be employed in their everyday role
  • or are close to a launch and want to gain fresh ideas and stimulus to strengthen the launch strategy
  • or are part of a launch cross-functional team (for example medical, sales, market access and market research) and who want to gain more insight into how to drive for a stronger launch

This workshop is only open to people working in Pharma & Biotech companies and not supporting agencies or consultancies.


What will be covered?

  • Definition of ‘Launch Excellence’ using industry award winning examples
  • Examination of the 10 organisational launch capabilities needed to be successful
  • Key stages of launch planning and priorities stage by stage
  • Overview of the launch leader role and how to build a strong cross-functional launch team
  • The 5 ingredients of a winning launch plan 
  • How to manage risk and uncertainty and launch pitfalls pre and post launch
  • Key performance indicators to manage launch performance
  • Assessing launch readiness and optimising early launch uptake

Additionally, for in “in-house” workshops we will work specifically on the brand in question to work through the development of a bespoke launch plan


How is the workshop run?

The workshop is group-work and discussion based with case-study examples and a real world focus to help apply learning and build practical skills.


What are the learning outcomes?

Attendees will take away:

  • An understanding of the major elements and principles of Launch Excellence in the context of best practice case studies and industry research/trends
  • The ability to identify the critical elements of creating a launch plan at different phases of a launch and to recognise the priorities and potential pitfalls at each phase
  • The capability to consider the leadership skills and qualities for working with and leading a local cross-functional launch team
  • A practical understanding of how to define KPIs for pre-launch readiness and post launch success.


Book your place now

This PriMe-affiliated course is run by Uptake Strategies and attendance is restricted to pharmaceutical and Biotech company executives only. To book your places on this course, or enquire about customised in-house training, please call Jackie Brown on 01403 264898 or email us at




"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it extremely valuable in being able to relate to many of the aspects covered – especially in relation to what we need to do as an organisation with a new product launch planned for two years’ time. I would thoroughly recommend this course to others"


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£770 (£924 inc VAT)

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£880 (£1056 inc VAT)

Workshop information

This is an affiliated workshop approved by the PM Society but not part of the PriMe Training Programme.