PriMe Pharmaceutical Marketing Workshop

Fundamentals of Product Launch


Last year the EMA and FDA approved a record level of new medicines. At the same time healthcare changes and a more cost-constrained environment mean that launching a new medicine is becoming more difficult. Knowing the challenges and processes before and after a launch can make the difference between success and usage restriction. An understanding of the changing environment and overall launch process are highly sought after combination to maximise the investment made by healthcare companies and to enable the right patients to benefit from the medicines of today.

This workshop is specifically designed for pharmaceutical industry executives who want to learn more about the complexities, challenges and phases the cross-function team will go through when launching a new medicine.

Delivered by experts in launch excellence and using real-world case studies and experience, this workshop will give you an overview of the internal and external processes a company must go through when bringing a new medicine to market. By understanding the different stages leading up to launch, who in the cross-functional team should be involved (and when) and what a successful launch looks like, you will have a sound introduction of what is required to launch a new medicine in the current market.


Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for pharmaceutical & healthcare industry professionals and supporting healthcare agencies who:

  • have an understanding of pharma/biotech commercialisation
  • want an overview of the changing environment and an introduction to the launch process to help achieve success in their everyday role

What will be covered?

  • An overview of the R&D and commercialisation process to develop a medicine
  • Latest trends in the registration of new medicine from FDA (US) and EMA (Europe)
  • Overview of the key roles in a cross-functional team and at what stage they need to be involved during the launch process
  • Practical examples of why some launches are successful and others are not
  • The elements of successful tactical launch programmes using industry examples
  • Practical and recent mini case studies and examples will be used to give attendees a more in-depth understanding of the elements that will be covered in the workshop

How is the workshop run?

The workshop is group-work and discussion based, utilising industry mini case studies to ensure a relevant, real world focus to help apply learning and build practical skills.

What are the learning outcomes?

Attendees will take away:

  • An understanding of what is required during each step in the process to develop a medicine from pre-clinical phase to registration
  • Appreciation of the registration process of new medicine and the implications this has for team building launch plans
  • Knowledge of when and how the engage key members of the cross-functional team (medical, commercial, market research, market access) in the relevant phases of the launch process
  • A general understanding of why launches are successful and some of the barriers to success
  • The ability to design successful tactical launch programmes

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