Thursday 20 September 2018 Pharma and social media: business, humanity and compliance collide The Brewery, London

Thursday 20th September 2018
16:00 - 18:00

The Brewery
Chiswell Street

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Pharma and social media: business, humanity and compliance collide

This two-hour workshop will consider whether there is any way pharmaceutical companies can work effectively in social media given the restrictions of compliance and the chaos of digital interactions in the wild.

Three expert speakers will give their perspective with ample opportunity for debate and audience participation. The meeting will conclude with an interactive panel discussion with audience members.


Welcome and introduction

Chair: Dr Nick Broughton

Nick will set out the aims of the event and introduce the three speakers.

Why bother with social media?

Alex Butler, Co-founder Foundry Read Bio

Given that medicines cannot be promoted to the public and that the penalties for doing so make everyone risk averse, what is the point of pharmaceutical companies attempting to engage in social media?

After reflecting on some of their own frustrations working in and with pharma in social media, Alex will set out his perspective on the business value of social media interaction for pharma. He will present examples of good practice and highlight the importance of clearly establishing appropriate goals and business benefits for key stakeholders in pharma companies who don’t always understand the value themselves.

Why so nervous about social media?

Mark Toms, Chief Scientific Officer, Novartis UK Read Bio

Mark will consider the ethical and compliance challenges of working as a large pharmaceutical company in social media, shedding light on why there is nervousness amongst those whose signatures are required to make things happen.

Mark will explore the compliance obligations of pharmaceutical companies and propose that they are not as restrictive as they are sometimes interpreted to be. He will illustrate his argument with best practice examples and challenge commercial and compliance functions to make things happen.

Making things happen

Dr Nick Broughton, Compliance Partner, Makara Health Read Bio

Nick will propose that the pharma industry’s struggles with social media have simply highlighted deeper deficiencies in the commercial-compliance operating paradigm. He will describe some fairly simple adjustments to mindset that can make real differences to how brand teams operate and give practical guidance on how to make things happen in social media.

Panel discussion

The speakers will be joined by Dr Felix Jackson, founder of medDigital and medCrowd plus other experts (TBC) in healthcare and social media to participate in a panel discussion of questions submitted by the audience.

Summary and conclusions

Chair: Dr Nick Broughton

Nick will summarise the learnings from the event and the outcomes of the panel discussion.

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