Sharing Best Practice in Patient Engagement and Support Programmes

The PM Society Patient Engagement Working Group seeks to explore and support initiatives to improve the way in which we involve patients in the decisions, strategies and policies that shape their healthcare.

One of our key objectives is to bring together parties from industry, patient groups and consultancies to collaborate and share their knowledge and experience of engaging with patients. Our aim is to collate current best practices and support improved engagement and partnerships with patients and their representatives across the industry.

Ultimately, we plan to create actionable guidance, based on the delivery of successful patient engagement and support programmes and the lessons learned along the way.

We would like to invite you to share your knowledge and examples of best practice as part of this initiative.

We believe that these examples will inspire others to see what can be achieved through patient engagement, and to help develop solutions that overcome common needs and challenges, both real and perceived.

Our Best Practice Sharing Initiative aims to:

  1. Showcase examples of best practice that are in the public domain to our members as educational and inspirational tools – for example programmes that may have already been recognised through various industry awards.

  2. Anonymously aggregate successful strategies and provide guidance on how to address core objectives, challenges and situations for effective patient engagement.

  3. Host a Best Practice Workshop in 2016 to review common challenges and to issue some practical, actionable ‘HOW TO’ guidance on designing and implementing high quality patient engagement programmes.

Would you be interested in assisting with this Best Practice Sharing Initiative?

Please contact if you would be interested in helping to shape and deliver this important initiative and have best practice examples that you could share. We will liaise with you to discuss the confidentiality of your example and to organize the best way to capture your experiences.


Ruth Slater and Rebecca Galbraith
On behalf of the PM Society Patient Engagement Working Group