The PM Society Market Access Interest Group met on 18th July 2016, led by Craig Bradley from Shire. Attendees included Simon Fogg from AbbVie, Gavin Coetzee, Hassan Chaudhury and Haroon Ahmed from Health iQ, Kevin Blakemore from Bright Blue Box Consultancy, Reza Rahman from Takeda and Ed Senior from MGP. The purpose of the meeting was to build upon the inaugural meeting held in May and agree on a Vision and plan for the Market Access interest group.

The meeting started with a discussion about how the group can differentiate itself from the ABPI Market Access Group. It was felt that the ABPI were more issue-based and the PM Society Interest Group should focus more on education, highlighting and celebrating best practice and enabling an exchange of ideas and networking.

It was agreed that a mission statement would provide a vision for the group:

The PM Society Market Access Interest Group is open to anyone interested in understanding more about market access and will be focused on:

  • Learning and education
  • Celebrating best practice
  • Providing an opportunity to exchange ideas and network

We meet regularly to discuss common issues and work on the principles of equity of access and equity to innovation. We meet regularly and anyone who has an interest would be welcome to join us.’

It was agreed that Simon Fogg would lead on education, with help from Kevin, and that Gavin would lead networking events.

Education work stream

The team had a discussion of possible market access courses, which could be part of the existing PM Society training arm – PriMe. Hassan mentioned investigating the setting up of an academy and forming an alliance with a University and running a MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) in market access. Kevin added he could ask Brian Smith for help in the process of developing content.

Market Access needs analysis survey

As market access is a large and varied area it was agreed that there should be a survey to establish what the current needs of our audience are. The survey would ask:

1. What areas responders would like to learn more about, what their current needs are, and what would be of interest to them to motivate them to attend events and forward to their colleagues?

2. Views on some suggested topics and speakers to gauge which of these would motivate a responder to attend an event.

3. How each responder’s company structures their market access team.

4. Interest in attending an educational event or an awards event highlighting the benefits Pharma market access can bring to the NHS and where best practice is celebrated.

5. Encourage those working in Pharma market access to get involved in the group or become company champions and publicise the group’s activities within their respective companies.

The plan was to make it a 10 -12 question survey which would not take long to fill out. To increase response rates respondents could be offered a copy of a basic guide to market access - a “Market Access 101”.

Next Steps

The next meeting will be at the ABPI offices in Victoria St, London on Wednesday 7th September at 15.00. At this meeting, progress will be reviewed, the survey details agreed, a review carried out of the draft Market Access 101 document and a plan agreed for each of the 3 key focus areas.

Contact or if you’d like to get involved.