This week the PM Society announced a new list of Advocates from Pharma and Supporting Agencies that will help the Society further its goals for 2016.

In addition to the 32 strong Committee, the Society has signed up an additional 20 supporting individuals from both pharma and agency who will assist the Society with anything from re-tweeting key posts on Twitter to spreading the word within their organisations about upcoming Society events.

Some of the pharma companies represented are AbbVie, Bayer, BMS, Eisai, Grunenthal, Ispen, Leo, Meda, Napp, Sheild and Shire.

Aasim Qureshi, Brand Director from Eisai said about his appointment, “I am delighted to be an Advocate for the PM Society. I have attended their events for many years and been a judge too. The PM Society does a great job of bringing industry together to share best practice and provide a platform for debate on key issues, so am always happy to help."

If you are interested in becoming a PM Society Advocate please contact Vivien Bennett on 01403 264898 or at