Hassan Chaudhury
Hassan Chaudhury

Held on Wednesday May 24th 2017 at the offices of the ABPI, London


Gavin Coetzee (M3)

Kevin Blakemore (Bright Blue Box Consultancy)

Manoj Sood (Novo Nordisk)

Hassan Choudhury (Health iQ)

Cara Bunce (Big Pink)


Introductions – HC & GC

Agenda overview - HC

  1. Written article analysing PM Society MA IG Survey Results
  2. Planning for Market Access event
  3. Filming
  4. Setting a date for the next MAIG meeting

1. Written article analysing PM Society MA IG Survey Results - HC

Discussion –

The group felt that in light of Hassan’s article we should amend the previous definition of market access by the MAIG:

“Principally market access involves preparing a positive environment which supports uptake of your product and demonstrating the ‘value’ of your product to the range of customers who influence uptake. Strategically, market access is about packaging data in the right way, for the right customer at the right time”.

to the more streamlined and patient focused version that came from those who responded to the survey from the previous definition:

“Ensuring patients receive appropriate treatment at the right time and right price, working with the local/regional NHS and their processes based on value”.

There was some debate about whether to remove ‘local/regional (NHS)’ so the national NHS was reflected in our definition. However it was decided that we should not alter the format Hassan had used in constructing the new definition based on the survey responders as LOCAL/REGIONAL/NATIONAL/COUNTRY were the 5th most mentioned phrases within the survey.

2. Planning for Market Access event

There were a number of ideas about what format the Market Access event should take. It was decided that it should run with three speakers each allocated 15-20 minutes each and also allowing 5 minutes per speaker for any questions from the audience. This could be then followed by two speakers who take opposite sides in a topic/debate around Pharma and its ongoing relationship with the NHS. Eric Low (former Head of Myeloma UK) was mentioned as a potential speaker for Pharma. The afternoon would end with a panel discussion where all the speakers would answer questions from the audience and possibly a bank of pre-registered questions. There would then be drinks served to allow some networking and any subsequent discussions to take place for all attendees.

As it is the first meeting held by the MAIG it was thought we should look to try and get some speakers who would help attract interest and registrations. The following were considered as worth approaching:

  • Judy Willits,( Consultant to Pharma Co's and NHS specialising in strategic counsel and training relating to NHS policy, funding flows / commissioning and the managed entry of new drugs)
  • Scott Mckenzie (widely recognised as a specialist provider of support to the NHS with all aspects of commissioning, service provision and support services for GP Federations and Clinical Commissioning Group .
  • Mo Nazir (CEO South Tees GP Federation) Subject – Pharmacists role in MA
  • Julie Gowan BI
  • Eric Low (former Head of Myeloma UK)
  • Paul Catchpole Value and Access Director at the ABPI
  • Sean Morgan-Jones (chaired Pharma Times events for many years)– possible chair of the event

We would need to establish whether any of the speakers required fees and if so what their charges are as I don’t think the PM Society have paid speakers who present at any of the Digital Works afternoon meetings.

The aim is to run this meeting in either October or preferably November. Dates to avoid: PMEAS Thurs 23rd November Pharma Times Marketer of the Year Thurs 9th November.

In keeping with the feedback form the survey we would aim to make the meeting first and foremost educational (45%) and allowing for networking (21%).

3. Short videos for the PM Society website

  • Real World Evidence – Hassan Chaudhury
  • Integrated Market Access – Manoj Sood
  • The importance of Partnerships - Kevin Blackmore
  • Collaborative working – Gavin Coetzee
  • Digital applications in Market Access -Cara Bunce

These will be filmed at Wilmington Health’s studios at their office in London at a date to be confirmed.

Meeting Actions

  1. HC and GC to check with CB regards the new MAIG definition
  2. HC and GC to discuss the MA meeting format and speakers with Craig, Carwyn and Rachel.
  3. Agreed speakers to then be approached by those who know them.
  4. MA event date to be agreed and set
  5. Next MIAG meeting date to be set and circulated - CB