Hassan Chaudhury
Hassan Chaudhury

Held on Wednesday Sept 20th 2017 at the offices of the ABPI, London


Kevin Blakemore (Bright Blue Box Consultancy)
Adam Boucher (emotive)
Craig Bradley (Shire)
Hassan Chaudhury (Health iQ)
Gavin Coetzee (M3)

Stephan Loose (Old Street Strategy)
Ed Senior (Earthware)
Manoj Sood (Novo Nordisk)
Maria Tamayo (Maria Tamayo Consulting)
Rob Whitemore (Roboleo)


Introductions – CB

Agenda overview - HC

  1. Market Access Event
  2. Market Access Content Filming
  3. Date for the next MAIG meeting

1. Market Access Event

Discussion –

Following a group discussion it was decided to delay the Market Access Event until early 2018 when enough time can be taken to promote the event.

It was also decided that we would re-shape the agenda, identifying the key target customer groups for people working in client side market access and have each of them participate on a panel and plus deliver a short 15 minute perspective along the lines of “What I need from a pharmaceutical company” or similar. This could be general feedback, or even be around a real life or manufactured case study. This might be a panel as follows:

  • Someone from NHS England
  • Someone from NICE
  • Someone from Medicines Management
  • Someone from CCG (Rxing lead or something similar)
  • Someone from specialist commissioning
  • Someone from hospital trust

It was agreed that the group would review recent meetings that had taken place to identify potential speakers aswell as considering contacts that may be able to participate.

Promotion of the event was discussed and it was agreed a save the date should be issued as soon as possible, whilst all avenues should be utilised to highlight the event such as the Advocates etc.

MA101 was also discussed as to whether this document had been circulated to people who had completed the MAIG Survey – and if not when will this be sent and also whether a save the date could be issued for the MAIG event in 2018.

2. Market Access Content Filming

Wilmington have kindly offered their London studio to film and edit and would prefer to film all presentations in one go, at a date to be confirmed.

Helen Eade to co-ordinate between Wilmington and the MAIG on participants and topics.

3. Date for next MAIG meeting

It was decided that as all members of the MAIG have November 2nd in their diary for the delayed event then that date should be utilised for the next MAIG meeting.

Meeting Actions

  1. CB to liaise with Helen Eade regarding delaying the Market Access Event to early 2018.
  2. MAIG members to review recent Market Access events for potential speakers / review their contacts and suggest potential speakers to group via email / interim TC.
  3. Agreed speakers to then be approached by those who know them.
  4. CB to liaise with Helen Eade and Wilmington regarding Market Access Content Filming.
  5. Next MAIG meeting date to be set and circulated - CB