Held on Tuesday February 21st 2017 at the offices of the ABPI, London


Craig Bradley (Shire Pharmaceuticals) (Chair)

Trishal Boodhna (WG-Access)

Hassan Chaudhury (Health iQ)  

Iain Claxton (Roboleo)     

Stephan Loose (Old Street Strategy)

Deborah Matier (BMS)

Paul Midgley (Wilmington)

Bhavini Patel (Wilmington)

Ram Patel (Brainsell)

Tim Richardson (Pharma Access to Health Ltd)


Introductions – CB

Introduction to PM Society and Summary of PM Society MA IG Survey Results – RP

Discussion  – Recent Market Access Survey

  • The recent survey elicited 100 responses with a 50/50 pharma/agency split.Once redacted the survey results will be available for publication. There is no standard definition of Market Access – lots of variety within the survey responses
  • Lack of definition for Market Access in general, as well as sub-disciplines of MA
  • Overlap around Market Access between agency and pharma
  • Changing environmental landscape frequently mentioned

Producing Content for website and dissemination to membership

  • Preference for short video clips to keep MA IG page relevant.
    • Standard format across multiple areas, i.e. MA and its sub-disciplines
  • Publication of MA IG survey itself
  • Publication of MA 101 (including working definition of MA)
  • Define MA itself (following survey and clear lack of this)

Organising a Market Access Event in 2017

  • Networking event with several speakers proposed covering some of the key topics
    • Either a ‘low-key’ two hour meeting for around 100 delegates or a more in-depth half day event, inviting professional bodies and payers to take part – to be discussed in more depth with the PM Society Committee
    • Suggested joint venture with other bodies, i.e. ABPI, Wilmington
  • The survey results could also, initially, be the topic for a PM Society breakfast

MA IG Purpose

  • MA IG seeks to promote payor marketing excellence in related specialities providing:
    • Education on all aspects of MA (HEOR)
    • Connection for the MA community
    • A definition of MA – providing a framework for standards and competencie


1.         Publish Survey - RP & HC

2.         Publish MA101 with survey responses on MA definition - RP & HC

3.         Define MA - ALL

4.         Networking event(s) for people to get into MA - specialised e.g. policy, HE, marketing - CB & HC (to discuss at Committee Meeting)

5.         Videos on (sub-)disciplines - HC

6.         Restate purpose of MAIG - ALL

7.         MA as a topic for one or more PRIME courses -  CB & HC (to discuss at Committee Meeting)